I Am

I can write a song to make you love me. I can tell you a story that can blow your mind. I can do a lot of things. It’s sad that you chose to ignore all the talents that I wasn’t afraid to explore. I have soul that puts most to shame. I have determination that you took in vain. I created a plan for living that only those who seek to elevate will gain. I am a fortress, a leaning tower, a temple of sanity. I am what people despise and never take time to explore. A person of stature. An educated creature. A force to be reckoned with. I am a source of power. I was created to worship the Creator. If you want me to never fulfill my purpose and looked as inferior, I am not what you are looking as for your pleasure. I am not a toy for leisure. I am strength, beauty, uniqueness and love. I am. I am. I am chocolate, caramel covered, roasted almond, peanut butter, smells of coco butter and Vaseline. I am the perfume you dreamed of inhaling. I am the breath you take and the sound you make. I am. I am less of what you think and more of what you believe. I am. I have a lot to offer than a lustful demeanor. I am splendor. Don’t think that what I carry is what you need to physicality. I am. I hate to impose but I must expose you to what I am. Look at your mother, your daughter, your aunties and grannies and there you will find me. I am. I am the voice that never gets heard. I am the place that is set behind first. I am the ‘if’ and ‘what if’. I am what you let slip away. I am the thought that drifts. When I was made, you were in mind. If you feel that I don’t need to exist to complete the ‘kind’, then you were deceive to believe and will never achieve the excellence of me. I am woman.

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Posted by on July 13, 2011 in Poetry